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Baby Gender Selection Methods

It’s natural for a father who already has three girls to want a boy next time. But should he be able to make that choice? Reproductive technologies exist to make sex selection a reality. However, many people believe that sex selection is ethically wrong. The UN reports, for example, that every day in India, 2,000 women abort a baby girl. Called feticide, this is a form of sex selection. When sex selection occurs for medical reasons, many people support the phenomenon.

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Healthy Green Home Cleaning

The trend toward greener household products has caused a green explosion in the cleaning aisle of the supermarket. People, concerned about their health, their children’s safety and the environment, want to clean their homes with products that are less toxic, not only to their families, but also to their world. Manufacturers have responded with products labeled “green” and “eco-friendly.” Green products–even those that truly are green–are only one facet of healthy, green home cleaning.