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Why Married Women Flirt With Other Men?

When single, you likely engaged in flirting as a way to introduce yourself to men and entice them to take a romantic interest in you. Based upon this logic, it would seem that, upon marrying, your flirting would stop. While for some, a ring on the finger does prevent them from engaging in playful flirtation, for many women, flirting while married is commonplace. Even though flirting while married may seem odd–or perhaps even wrong–a number of biological and emotional reasons explain why some married women fail to give up the flirt.

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Blair Waldorf Married Seth Cohen – XOXO, Gossip Girl

Spotted! Which nerdy heartthrob from Orange County was spotted wearing a gold band on a VERY significant finger? According to multiple media outlets, Adam Brody and Leighton Meester (a.k.a. Seth Cohen and Blair Waldorf) have tied the knot in a secret wedding ceremony.There’s some photographic evidence adding credence to the rumors:There’s some photographic evidence adding support to the rumors. Brody snapped a pic with a fan at LAX in …