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Pure Toes

Pure Toes is such a cool workout tool. These little things just slip on your feet and help in every aspect of exercise from yoga to Pilates. They can even be used in dance or martial arts. They provide the perfect amount of traction so that you don’t slip or feel off balance. They never get in the way of your workout.

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Eyeglasses for Kids

Finding cute, practical glasses for your child can be a challenge. Many people get their first pair of glasses while they’re still quite young. Depending upon your child’s age, fashion, durability and comfort should all factor into your decision. Involve your child in the choice for increased cooperation and willingness to wear her glasses.

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THE CONFIDENCE GAP: What Our Daughters Need to Know

The answer to life is yes. Take every opportunity and risk you can. Youll only regret the things you didnt do because you were afraid to try.–Cecile Richards Parents have it tough. Many of us grew up during the Dont Talk Back to Me years and now weve got to give our daughters the Speak Up Loudly and Frequently message. Boys are expected to be loud, rowdy roughhousers. They get …