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Speech Therapy Exercises for Kids

Many children experience challenges as they work to acquire language. If your child seems to be struggling with the basics or language, or if he has a diagnosed speech disorder, speech therapy exercises may help bridge the gap between your struggling child and his same age peers. By considering the specific problems that your child is experiencing and selecting a method to suit, you can be instrumental in ensuring that your child is an effective oral communicator.

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The Facts of Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy changes your center of gravity, and as a result, you may get neck aches, backaches and soreness in your shoulders. Massage is one way to help alleviate some of this pain, according to the Baby Center website. Although prenatal massage therapy is usually safe, talk to your doctor about getting a massage before you do.

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How to Massage Arms

Our arms work hard and often get little appreciation for their effort. They lift and carry heavy loads, then hold steady as we type, work, paint, or just carry on an animated conversation. If you want to give a loved one a special treat, an arm massage is a great idea — and fairly easy to perform. Plan to spend about 10 minutes on each arm.