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Christmas Crafts for Kids Made With Recyclable Materials

Christmas can be a consumerist holiday. Kids get excited about all the new things they will receive, and everyone buys new decorations and treats. Eventually, your living room alone can look like a department store that has exploded with items. You can still enjoy the holiday, however, without making a single purchase. Teach your children the value of recycling and not being wasteful by putting together decorations and gifts made from items you may have around the house.

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Materials for Composting

Composting your organic waste allows you to create nutrient-dense food for your garden. Creating a compost pile requires only a small amount of space and a few materials to get started. Once it’s up and running, you simple need to keep feeding the pile so that you can have a steady stream of compost for your garden.

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What Is the Meaning of Time & Materials Estimates in Construction Bids?

When the time comes to jazz up the kitchen with a new look or do solar and energy conservation installations, the homeowner who understands bid language is better equipped to choose a contractor. For instance, when comparing the time charges on competing bids, the difference between the higher- and lower-priced bids might be the inclusion of time for extra items that could make the lower bid more expensive by the time the job is done. If there is anything about any element of a bid that you don’t understand, you should always ask about it. You are entitled to understand everything in a contract before you sign it.