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What Is the Meaning of Artificial Birth Control?

Choosing a contraceptive method is a very personal and sometimes confusing choice. There are many factors to consider, including your health, your desire for children in the future, your moral and spiritual beliefs, and even convenience. In spite of the factors involved and the many birth control options available to you, most methods can be categorized into one of two categories: artificial birth control or natural family planning. Here’s everything you need to know about artificial birth control.

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A New Dad: Mother’s Day Has Taken On New Meaning

My mother died sixteen years ago this week, and in one regard – and in only one regard – I consider myself fortunate in the timing: The anniversary of her death and Mothers Day arrive the same time every year, the two days book-ending one miserable week of feeling underwater and angry and frustrated, a week steeped in loss. When the whole world is making brunch reservations and ordering flower baskets and picking out just the right card, I turn into a petulant boy. Every year

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Mom’s Dictionary of Meanings

In many ways, moms have their own special language. When you have children, your life changes forever, and you suddenly find that your conversations are more often about vomit and bodily fluids than current events and world issues. Luckily, there are some laughs along the way. So to help all the new moms out there, we’ve got a very special dictionary of words that have special meanings for mothers: Mom’s Dictionary Dumbwaiter:One who asks if the kids would care to order dessert.