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Fall Measuring Spoons

When I watch cooking shows, I am always amazed how chefs are able to eyeball measurements. Sadly, I am not that kind of chef! Without my measuring tools, I am lost in the kitchen. With the fall season upon us, Ganz’s Fall-Themed Measuring Spoon Set makes for a fun addition to my kitchen!

4 mins read

Feeding Kids’ Curiosity at Home

When my kids were little, summers were tough enough balancing summer camps and fights over the same toys surrounded by a floor littered with plenty of choices. “Mom, that’s mine.” “Mom, she won’t share.” With the amount of time parents and kids have spent at home over the last year in the midst of pandemic…

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Navigating Common Breastfeeding Concerns During the Uncertainty of a Pandemic

Breastfeeding can be complicated and difficult enough during “normal” times. However, new mothers’ concerns become magnified during a pandemic when in-person resources, like local breastfeeding classes, are not as available. As a certified lactation consultant, I’m here to help by sharing answers to the most common breastfeeding questions and concerns I receive from clients and…

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What are the Functions of Flour in Baking?

Have you ever been in the middle of baking and wondered, what are the functions of flour in baking?. Why does this recipe call for flour? And is it calling for whole wheat flour, or all-purpose flour, or bread flour? And why wheat flour all the time?” The last question is easy to answer. Wheat…