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Medical Benefits of Meditation

Meditation, the art of tuning the mind out of normal, conscious thought and into a relaxed state of awareness, is becoming increasingly popular in Western culture, and it’s about time. Meditation has been an integral part of Eastern life and religion for centuries. Health professionals report that people who make meditation a regular part of their lives experience a wide range of neurological, emotional, cardiovascular and immune system benefits. Specific types of meditation have also been identified as being particularly healthful for pregnant women.

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Pregnancy Symptoms Week by Week

As beautiful as expecting a child can be, pregnancy symptoms unfortunately may add some unwanted drama to your life as a mom. While each pregnancy is different, most women experience at least a few unpleasant side effects as their future sons and daughters grow inside of their bodies, according to the Mayo Clinic. Most side effects are not serious, but you should immediately report any severe pain or bleeding to your doctor or another medical professional.

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How to Recognize Autism in Toddlers

Unlike many other disorders that afflict children, no chemical test can be performed to detect the presence of autism. Children are instead diagnosed with autism as the result of observations of their behavior. By watching how children interact with each other and the way they carry themselves, parents and medical professionals can detect and officially diagnosis autism. As a mom, you are on the front line of the autism war, as you will likely notice before all others that your child appears to be suffering. If you suspect that your toddler may be autistic, there are some characteristics for which you can watch.

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Behavior Plans for a Problem Child

Children who prove continually problematic may behave better with the guidance of a behavior plan. The purpose of a behavior plan is not only to ensure that the child’s behavior stays within acceptable norms, but also to teach him how to behave properly in the future. By building a behavior plan yourself, or partnering with a medical professional to create this plan, you can increase the likelihood that your child modifies his behavior and learns the skills necessary to behave properly.

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How Parents Diagnose ADHD in Their Children

As the prevalence of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder continues to grow, more moms wonder if their tots possess this disorder. While a trained physician is the only one who can officially diagnose ADHD, many parents suspect the presence of this disorder long before they receive confirmation from a medical professional. If you suspect that your child’s abundant energy could be the result of ADHD, consider some of the common warning signs.