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Information on Family Medical Leave

Job security can be a major issue for working moms and dads who have a medical situation that requires extended care. Family medical leave may allow you to take the time you need without risking your job or your benefits. Depending on your situation, you may be able to take family medical leave if someone in your family needs you to assist with health care responsibilities.

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Qualifications to Be a Surrogate Mother

According to a National Survey of Family Growth conducted by the Centers for Disease Control, approximately 12 percent of the population suffers from infertility. Many people turn to surrogate mothers to help them and their partners have a child. Women interested in becoming surrogates must meet the specific qualifications required by surrogacy agencies. These qualifications range from the woman’s medical background to her previous experiences with pregnancy to her personal life and habits.

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What Is the Cost of Cosmetic Surgery?

Almost everyone has some area of her body that she doesn’t like. Not many people are willing to go far enough to change it with cosmetic surgery, though. If you are considering cosmetic surgery to change the areas you don’t like, the cost is probably one of your biggest concerns. Costs can vary from medical practice to medical practice, so it is smart to compare your options.

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Home Births – What You Need to Know About Delivering Your Baby at Home

What do Meryl Streep, Demi Moore, Ricki Lake, Cindy Crawford, and most recently, supermodel Giselle, all have in common? In addition to the obvious being beautiful and talented they have all experienced a home birth. Now although no new mom will ever receive an academy award for forgoing pain medication and delivering her baby at home, a homebirth can be a very rewarding choice for some mothers-to-be to make. But is a home birth the right choice for you? Read on

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How to Make a Checklist for Hiring a Babysitter

If you’ve just relocated, or it’s simply the first time you’ve had a need to hire a babysitter, it can be frightening for a mom to trust someone else. Diffuse the fear by making a checklist for what you expect from a babysitter, so you know you’ve hired someone adequate, and by making an information checklist to leave with the sitter for both normal routines and any abnormal situations that may arise. Pre-Hiring Checklist