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Ginger Tea During Pregnancy

Pregnant women often experience bouts of nausea and vomiting, especially during the first trimester. Certain herbal preparations, such as ginger tea, may help relieve the symptoms of morning sickness, but you should talk to your doctor before consuming teas with medicinal properties during pregnancy.

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Over-the-Counter Medicine for Menopause

Hot flashes, vaginal atrophy, relaxation of the pelvic muscles and hair growth where you don’t want it and hair thinning where you do. If that litany doesn’t make you want to scream, it will surely have you running to your nearest pharmacy for some help. Over-the-counter (OTC) medicines are available for menopausal women. Just make sure you know what’s what.

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Herbs to Help With Fall Allergies

Most people are aware of spring allergies, but many people also suffer from fall allergies. Whereas spring allergies are usually associated with pollens, fall allergies are triggered by molds, dust-mites from heater systems, wind and moisture. There are wonderful herbs that are very helpful for those that suffer from fall allergies. The below herbs are…

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Hemp Oil for Seizures?

Her child was dying and she sought out an alternative treatment and it worked. Charlotte has epilepsy and was having a severe seizure every 30 minutes and could barely sit up.  She was dying.  Her mother sought out the inventor of a hemp oil treatment that he developed in a nonprofit lab. The child is given small amounts…