2 mins read

Birthday Party Ideas for 11-Year-Old Girls

A girl’s 11th birthday is cause for celebration. However, you need to put away those Cookie Monster decorations, unless your tween appreciates irony. Make the event memorable with a tween-friendly theme that shows your little girl is not such a little girl anymore. Remember that 11-year-old girls still love all the birthday party trappings, from decorations and snacks, to party games and cake.

5 mins read

Slumber Party Tips and Tricks

I’m a huge fan of ModernMom and couldnt be more thrilled to contribute to this amazing resource for parents. I will be sharing with you my planning tips, theme ideas, craft projects and some great finds to make your next party unique and fabulous! Today I want to share with you a party theme that is close to my heart and will appeal to any family with little girls…. A SLUMBER PARTY!