2 mins read

Role Models for Our Children

Like many women, Ive faced adversities in my life: A womanizing father who was emotionally unavailable and died when I was 12; a mother who is mentally unstable and for whom I became the parent and she became the daughter, and a husband who died when I was 37. For most of us, serious life events empower and make us more resilient. Our survivor instincts kick in, and we find our way through the fog and somehow, move forward with our lives.

9 mins read

What Kind of Mom Would I Have Been?

I find it frighteningly easy to slip into a world of complacency, lounging on my divan (thats couch to you and me), contemplating my navel, lost in thought, or knee-deep in my very important, life saving work, with all of my projects, deadlines, and Skype calls to my best friend who has to remind me how complacent Ive become. Thank you, Clementine. Youre the best.