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Puffy Eyes From Depression

While most people go through periods of feeling blue or sad, lingering sadness may also indicate the presence of depression. Depression can include different symptoms in people who have this condition. Although puffy eyes can occur for various reasons, including allergies and injuries, they may also appear when you are depressed.

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Easy Fresh Fruit Salad Recipe

Nothing says Labor Day and end of summer like a big bowl of fresh fruit salad. Fruit salad is a tasty treat for families and can be made ahead of time. It keeps for a couple of days in the fridge, and it can sit out at a picnic, out of the sun. Fresh fruit salad is a delicious addition to any holiday BBQ and is a great way to keep guests happy when the grill is taking longer than usual to heat up. On a warm day, few adults and even fewer children will turn down the opportunity to savor refreshing and juicy fruits cut into bite-sized pieces. Check out these tips to make yours the best.

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2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Gift-giving is truly a talent. It’s not easy to run around from store to store trying to figure out what to get for every single member of your family. We partnered with Square Panda to bring you a gift guide to help you get your shopping done with some personalized options for each recipient. Here…