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Sleepless Nights: A Mother’s Survival Guide

I used to see late nights with the kids as the mental-emotional equivalent of a spike-ridden ball and chain. Walking around a dark dwelling half-lidded with the temperament of a menopausal dragon, this “ball and chain” was constantly tripping me up. While my grumpiness seemed necessary, it made the challenges of functioning with a late-night…

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When Should Teens Start Thinking About College?

How early is too early to start thinking about college? The answer: It is never too early. Typically, educators throughout the United States tend to place the most emphasis of the college search and application process during a students junior and/or senior year of high school. But with colleges becoming more and more competitive and expensive, the reality is that families need to be thinking about college much earlier than the latter two year of high school.

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Boys’ Self-Esteem Problems

Its parent-teacher night at a private middle school in New Jersey. Students have been asked to sit in as teachers inform their parents of their progress. A sixth-grade boy, whose mother asks he be identified as Dan, squirms as his teacher tells his parents hes not trying hard enough in school. He looks away as the teacher directs his parents to a table of projects the class has done on ancient Greek civilization. Some projects are meticulous works of art, with edges burned to resemble old parchment. Dans title page is plain and unillustrated, and hes left an e out of Greek. Youll never get anywhere if you dont try, says Dans father as they leave the classroom. I dont understand, says Dans mother, whose two older daughters got straight As in school without her intervention.