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How to Grow a Miniature Orange Tree

The miniature orange tree, also known as Calamondin, is a native plant commonly harvested as a crop in the Philippines and China. It is an upright tree with very few thorns in its branches. In colder parts of the United States, Calamondin usually grows indoors as an ornamental miniature plant that produces fruits and fragrant flowers. In warmer parts of California and Florida, they can grow outdoors with extra care during colder months.

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Birthday Party Ideas For 9-Year-Old Boys

Most boys who are turning 9 have firm ideas of acceptable and enjoyable party themes, activities, locations and guests. They may only want their birthday at the party place their friends like, or have a specific cartoon or superhero they want represented in the decorations. Work with your son to plan a party that accommodates his interests but also falls under your approval.

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Easy Thanksgiving Meals

For many, Thanksgiving is all about the food. However, this emphasis on good eats does not mean that you need to spend your time slaving over a hot stove on this holiday. To free yourself up to enjoy the festivities with your family and friends, plan some simple Thanksgiving meal options. By selecting these alternatives to the old standbys, you can delight your guests with tasty treats without breaking a sweat.