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Sugar Mommas’ Southern Scoop

During our Southern Sugar Expedition, (see previous blogs), we scooped a few finds along the way to share with yall. First and foremost, we stumbled upon Garden & Gun: Soul of the South magazine. Angeleno eyes had never laid eyes on such a publication. Reading Garden & Gun from cover to cover was like the sensation you get when you exit a theater and declare, That was the best movie I ever saw. We were immersed …

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Contraceptives & Menopause

Concerns about contraception do not go away as you enter the perimenopausal and menopausal years of your life. Surprise babies a bit later in life are not wholly uncommon. Managing birth control as you experience the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause can be challenging but also beneficial. The low doses of hormones provided by a modern low-dose pill can reduce your uncomfortable symptoms and prevent an unwelcome pregnancy.

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Types of Birth Control Pills for Women Through 40

Birth control pills are one of the most popular contraceptive choices for women of all ages; however, the risks of oral contraceptives do increase somewhat after 35. Choosing the right pill can help to reduce those risks, as can lifestyle changes. Women through age 40 may even find that oral contraceptives reduce the discomforts and inconvenience of perimenopause.