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50th Birthday Surprise Party Ideas

Ease the pain of turning 50 by throwing a loved one a surprise party. While planning a surprise birthday party is a great deal of fun, making sure it remains a surprise for the birthday person can be a bit tricky. Keep the birthday person in the dark by doing the party planning away from home and by not leaving any evidence laying about.

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First Signs & Symptoms of Pregnancy

Possible pregnancy can turn you into a detective. You probably have not been so alert for signs and symptoms since you first suspected he had an engagement ring stashed somewhere. Women have many stories about pregnancy signs. Some women claim to know right when conception occurs. Tales of intuition are amusing but only facts help soothe an overactive mind. Some common signs of pregnancy might occur before you are late for your period.

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Three Guidelines To Help Kids Manage Transitions

Now is a tricky time for kids -- and parents. Spring and school are ending, usually with a frenzied bang of class parties, proms and exams. Summer beckons. Even if you have had your kids’ summer schedules set since January, emotional work remains to be done as our children transition from school into summer. Especially…

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Talking to Your Daughter About Periods and Puberty

If you ask a young woman whether her mother spoke with her about puberty and preparation for starting her period, she might say, No, I learned from my friends. More then likely, when you ask her mom if she had the talk with her daughter, she will say Yes. Often, the reason is that unless there was something momentous about the occasion; it may not have been memorable enough for the daughter to recall.