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How to Fly Your Family First Class for (Almost) Free

Do you ever dream about taking your family on an amazing family vacation in which you fly first class to London, Paris, or even further afield – perhaps a safari in Africa or snorkeling in the Maldives? But then the reality of an expensive and harrowing long-haul flight in coach sinks in, and you sigh, starting to plan a trip to see relatives or a quick jaunt to Florida, the Caribbean or the West Coast.

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Save a Life – Learn How to Avoid and Escape a Rip Current

At the beach at Cape Canaveral, nineteen-year-old Josh Scurlock looks out at the water. The larger than normal waves look rough but not too rough so he and a friend go out in them to play. A strong swimmer Josh loves the ocean and his new Florida home just five blocks from the beach. Its Saturday and the sun is out and there is no school and nothing at all is wrong in the world. Josh Scurlock. Having recently moved to Florida from Indiana, he doesnt notice or even know how to notice the rip current that will sweep him out to sea and away from his friend. Once caught in its pull, his instincts are to head back in. The land is where safety is and something is pulling him away from it, so he fights. Swimming as hard as he can for as long as he can with his friend on the beach now yelling for help Josh Scurlock tires and drowns. And though a heroic surfer eventually makes it to him and brings him to shore he cannot be revived. Josh never sees twenty.

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Most Recognized Personal Training Certifications

If you are a mom wanting to lose weight or you are considering a career as a personal trainer, you want to make sure you get certified by an industry-respected organization. For example, some personal training certifications carry more weight than others. Having certification shows that you understand not only what to train but how to go about it so you can help your clients avoid injury.