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Fun Games for Preschool Kids

Preschoolers are often too rambunctious to sit and listen to lessons. To overcome their short attention span, parents and teachers alike can sneak learning in through game play. Parents and teachers have an assortment of enjoyable and educational games at their disposal for preschoolers. These activities both keep preschool tots entertained and allow them to expand their knowledge base.

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Electronic Handheld Games for Kids

When it comes to keeping kids preoccupied during summer, long rides, long rainy days or on any given day that boredom kicks in, electronic handheld games are among the top contenders. Electronic handheld games can make the time seem to go by faster and more enjoyably, not only for children, but for parents, too. If you want to keep the whining at bay, give your child an electronic handheld game to keep him entertained and happy.

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Autism and On-Line Etiquette

Autism and On-Line Etiquette My son is an on-line gamer. Recently, he’s been playing this Risk-like game that takes place in Europe and can be a multi-player game. He likes doing the multi-player because he can occasionally get a player or two from Europe. The game can have up to thirty players at a time.…