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Natural Herbs That Increase Sex Drive

The kids, the phone, the daily grind and all the tensions that build up — it’s no wonder that when you fall into bed at the end of the day, sex and intimacy take a back seat to sleep. If your love life is suffering from a loss of libido — yours or your partner’s — herbs that nudge your sex drive into overdrive may provide the spark you need. Remember to consult with your health care provider before you begin taking any herbs.

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How to Get Pregnant Naturally With Herbs

Trying to conceive is one of life’s frustrating and confusing journeys. Even when you feel as educated and armed as possible, the waiting each month to see if maybe this one is the one that stayed put can become burdensome and start to make you question your own knowledge on the topic. You become susceptible to commercials and ads with happy moms promising the method they chose worked. If herbal remedies are tempting you, make sure you do plenty of research before popping a pill. Despite the claims, this can sometimes do as much damage as good while you are trying to conceive.

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Natural Sex Herbs

You might be tired after a long day, but you still want to make love with your partner, especially if you are hoping to conceive a child. While prescription drugs, such as Viagra, have a number of risks and aren’t appropriate for most couples, natural herbal remedies can potentially help enhance sexuality and overall energy, according to Discovery Health. Keep in mind that pregnant and nursing women or anyone taking medication should not ingest herbs or supplements without first speaking to a doctor.