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How to Make Your Baby a Genius While Inside the Womb

You naturally want your child to grow up to be his best, and preparation for that starts in the womb. While nothing that you do can guarantee that you’ll be dropping him off at Harvard in 18 years, research has indicated that the choices you make while pregnant will affect the type of child that you have. A baby’s brain grows at an enormous rate, and he is aware of what’s going on outside the womb.

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5 Birthing Techniques

Most pregnant women worry about the upcoming labor and delivery of their babies. Gathering information and finding ways to cope with the inevitable pain of labor are two ways you can decrease your anxiety and nervousness about your baby’s coming birth. There are many different approaches to labor and delivery. Learn about five common birthing techniques used today.

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Autism and Food Issues

Many children on the autism spectrum have some kind of food issues. What are food issues? I believe that anyone on the autism spectrum can have reactions to oral stimuli. Many make noises with their mouths in order to help regulate themselves. Food issues often stem from oral issues. They also are connected with digestive…