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How Do I Find Baby Cribs Cheap?

The cost of baby gear adds up quickly, especially for first-time parents, and your baby’s crib represents a large chunk of the budget. Cutting expenses on the crib can make it more affordable, but you must put safety first. The width between slats, height of corner posts, design and construction of the crib all play a role in your baby’s comfort and safety.

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Colon Cleanse Without Weight Loss

People have been developing ways to supposedly cleanse and detoxify the human body for thousands of years. One popular method is the colon cleanse. You may have seen advertisements for various cleanses on late night infomercials or in the newspaper. While some cleanses promise dramatic weight loss, others promise to rid the body of harmful toxins to cure a range of illnesses and give you more energy. While some people believe the cleanses are effective, doctors consider them to be harmful.