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Smoking While Pregnant

Smoking during pregnancy is more than an unhealthy habit. It can cause serious complications for the mother, such as placental abruption, as well as lifelong complications for the baby. Cigarettes contain more than 4,000 toxic chemicals including cyanide, lead and numerous cancer-causing compounds, such as nicotine. These chemicals pose dangerous health risks that every mother should take seriously.

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5 SIDS Risk Factors Parents Need to Know

Every year several thousand babies die unexpectedly in their sleep, the cause of death unknown. These deaths are the result of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS, a condition that doctors have yet to explain. While the nation’s top researchers have worked persistently to better understand SIDS, doctors have not yet determined an exact cause…

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Natural Treatment for Social Anxiety in Kids

Social anxiety can be mild or severe, but it makes childhood and adolescence more difficult, preventing kids from developing into confident, connected adults. While psychiatric medications are one option, natural or non-drug therapies can also treat social anxiety and social phobia. Non-medical treatments include cognitive behavioral therapy, exercise, biofeedback and relaxation techniques. Help your child or teen learn to cope with social anxiety, reduce stress and thrive.

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Teen Smoking & Tobacco Use

Practically no one suddenly decides at 35 years of age to become a smoker. In almost every case, smokers start this habit when they are young, before graduating high school. Pretty much, if you can make it past the teen years without using tobacco, you are never going to use it on a regular basis. As a parent, you’ve got your work cut out for you because even though tobacco companies cannot advertise to the extent they would like, they still get the message out to your children in movies and TV. Smoking still looks cool to many kids and kids typically discount the health risks because the future seems so far away.

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How to Stop Smoking During Pregnancy

Smoking during your pregnancy could cause birth defects and a low birth weight in your baby. It may also result in placental abruption or a stillbirth. You might feel hooked on smoking, but the health of your baby could be the perfect incentive you need to finally quit. Unfortunately, smoking cessation aids, like the patch or nicotine gum, aren’t necessarily healthy for your baby, either. Employ other methods and strategies to help you quit.