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The Forgoing Facebook Experiment

Confession: I have 738 Facebook friends. In reality, I would only actually call up a handful of them to go to lunch with or to talk to while I’m making a long drive. I only talk to a couple dozen of them in person on a regular basis. And I sure as heck do not care that that one girl I met in college who friend requested me 5 minutes after we introduced ourselves is “going to work…then having a grilled chicken salad for lunch YUM! xoxo”. Maybe this seems rude, but I don’t expect them to care about what I’m doing every second of the day either!

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Safe Weight Lifting for Women

Resistance training provides numerous health advantages for women. While you may think of weightlifting as a traditional male exercise, this activity is beneficial for both sexes. Weightlifting is a strenuous activity that can lead to injuries. Protect your health by following basic safety precautions and consulting your doctor prior to beginning a new exercise routine.

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5 Pros and Cons for Surrogacy

Surrogacy is a very controversial subject. Some religious organizations forbid their members from participating in surrogacy, no matter how desperate they are to have a child. Whatever the reason that couples might consider surrogacy, they must carefully weigh the pros and cons before proceeding. There are different factors that people who are considering surrogacy have to go through, from the time to decide whether they would go forward with it, to choosing the surrogate mother, the procedures involved, the fees required and the overall time frame. Each of these factors has its own pros and cons.