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Keeping Our Schools Safe

As we mark the 5th anniversary of Sandy Hook, it’s a critical time to examine how schools have evolved in implementing security upgrades. Parents often wonder if their school is doing everything it can to keep their children safe. The school office can often feel like Grand Central Station at times, with a revolving door…

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6 Parenting Mistakes You’re Probably, Definitely Going To Make

If youre a perfect mom, then this article is not for you. For the rest of us, a perfect-mom-o-meter is likely nowhere to be found.Lets be real: As moms, we mess up. And for some, its quite a lot. Its like motherhood is a roller-coaster – we ride the ups and downs with elegance and humor. But then theres those times when we forget our seat-belts and fall off. It …

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Why Babies Say “Dada” First

It happened. Just as everyone told me it would. My baby found her voice and started saying “dada”– just one day, out of the blue dadadadadadadada. I wasn’t surprised, because every mom out there has laughingly said “just wait, you carry them, you take care of them and then they say dada before mama.” And they were right. But why? Is there a real reason they say it first? I went straight to the pediatrician and asked.