4 mins read

Feta Cheese Fall Harvest Salad

Indulge in the flavors of fall with our delectable Autumn Harvest Salad featuring creamy feta cheese. This vibrant salad celebrates the season’s bounty, from roasted butternut squash to zesty red onions and crisp apples. Whether it’s a family dinner or weekend brunch, this recipe is your ticket to a delicious and healthy autumn adventure.

3 mins read

Farewell to a Pet

When I was a child, my best friend was a cat. This dark brown Siamese was, in almost every way, as much my soul mate as any friend, sister, or boyfriend. He shared the long hours of my childhood, followed me devotedly around the room as I brushed my teeth or tried on endless outfits for the first day of school, and purred in my lap as we watched The Brady Bunch and The Partridge …