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Golden Bachelor Divorce – Why All Marriages Should Have a Prenup

Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist, stars of the reality show "The Golden Bachelor," have decided to end their marriage after just three months. The couple, who became engaged and married following their appearance on the show, announced their decision during an emotional interview on "Good Morning America." Despite the short duration of their marriage, both…

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Making Healthier Meals During Pregnancy

One of the most pressing issues for pregnant women today is diet and nutrition. With the availability of pre-processed foods and fast-food restaurants, its easy to unconsciously do harm to oneself by making poor food choices.

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A Note of Comfort To One Struggling To Conceive

So, it is much easier to give advice on what NOT to say to people who are struggling to conceive (see previous blog, What Not To Say). The truth is, there isnt really a lot you can say to someone who is struggling with this difficult journey. Like with many hard things in life, there are no words to capture the sorrow, the pain, the loss and the heartache that this path brings. At any given moment, a caring supporters words can seem trite or meaningless, even with the best intentions.