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C-Section Procedures

A C-section is a surgical procedure used to deliver a baby. Although having a C-section is considered a routine procedure in many hospitals, it is still major abdominal surgery that should be used only when necessary. Knowing how the procedure is done, asking your doctor questions ahead of time, and preparing for the big day can eliminate most fear and anxiety.

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Teaching the 3Cs: Creativity, Curiosity & Courtesy

Parents naturally want the best for their child academically. So, when research comes out illustrating how the early years have a tremendous impact on future intelligence, the pressure is on to teach those 3 Rs: Reading, Riting and Rithmatic as early as possible. The unfortunate result of this has been children who are being fed facts and solutions for memorization, without any basis for their own problem solving or sense of exploration of the information they learn. Early childhood programs feel the pressure as well and are getting caught in this same trap: teaching children the preconceived answers without teaching the process that leads to the answers in the first place. It is no surprise then that many children are struggling in schools, and that children in higher grades are found to have little or no problem solving techniques and additional problems with social interactions.