4 mins read

Autism and a Canadian Trip

I seem to think that my son should experience as much as reasonably (and financially) possible, even knowing that autism is going to tag along. What experience did he have this time? Well, some experiences are good (positive) and some are not so good. A year ago last winter my brother died suddenly. It was…

11 mins read

The Last Thing You Want To Hear At 1 AM

Your house alarm system is triggered in the middle of the night, you’re home alone with your kids. Quick. What do you do? 321go.The answer, probably, is that it depends. There is a decision process that happens in a matter of seconds and there some things worth considering, should you find yourself in this situation, as I did last week.As a little background: I took a course (NLS) to …

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New Study Finds Women Are Better At Parking, So Booyah!

Has your husband ever complained about your driving? Well guess what… women are actually better at parking than men, according to a recent study. Over the course of a month, the U.K. parking operator NCP surveyed 2,5000 of its customers and ranked them on various aspects of parking. Criteria included appropriate parking speed, technique, accuracy and time taken to park a vehicle.