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Toddler Fever Treatments

Fevers go hand-in-hand with an illness and are a sign that your body’s immune system is fighting an infection. This doesn’t make it any easier to watch your little one suffering with a fever, though. By taking proper care of her when she’s sick, you can ensure that she’ll be playing again in no time.

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OCD Treatment for Children

The behaviors associated with obsessive-compulsive disorder can seem strange to people who don’t have it. You might wonder, for example, why your child washes her hands repeatedly, even when they are clean, why your child must count to 10 every time she enters a certain room or why she checks to make sure she closed her door over and over again. People with OCD have an anxiety disorder that manifests itself in thoughts they can’t get rid of. These thoughts lead the OCD sufferer to have strong urges to engage in rituals to banish or ward off the thoughts. The problem with these thoughts and rituals is that they interfere with daily life. Children as young as 5 can have OCD, but the good news is that advances in treatment are being made all the time.

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Oral HCG Weight Loss

Oral HCG weigh- loss products have invaded the consumer market as a more convenient alternative to receiving HCG injections. HCG, which stands for human chorionic gonadotrophin, is a hormone derived from the urine of pregnant women. The use of HCG as a weight loss aid — which became the rage in the 1950s — has long since been discredited, says Dietscam.org, a service of the National Council Against Health Fraud.

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Natural Treatment for Social Anxiety in Kids

Social anxiety can be mild or severe, but it makes childhood and adolescence more difficult, preventing kids from developing into confident, connected adults. While psychiatric medications are one option, natural or non-drug therapies can also treat social anxiety and social phobia. Non-medical treatments include cognitive behavioral therapy, exercise, biofeedback and relaxation techniques. Help your child or teen learn to cope with social anxiety, reduce stress and thrive.