11 mins read

Finding A Lump In My Breast: One Year Later

Last year I offered to have a photographer take photos (tasteful ones) as I had a mammogram. Having had millions of people see my life on the reality show Supernanny in both the first episode we filmed and then in the 100th special episode we filmed as Americas Most Memorable Family, I am no longer camera shy. I was writing a story for Breast Cancer Awareness Month to encourage women to get their mammograms. Little did I know that the one story of a simple mammogram would lead down a longer path.

5 mins read

Socializing at an Autism Conference

I recently attended yet another autism conference. Now, for me, attending a conference is about education. I want to learn whats new in the autism world. I already have a working knowledge of autism but I like to keep up with the latest. A problem for me is I am not that outgoing. What do I do at a conference?