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Halloween Hysteria – How Parents Can Enjoy Halloween

Sometimes, it seems like American parents, in our quest for perfection, specialize in leaching parenting of every ounce of joy. We try so mightily to protect our children from danger, disappointment, and emotional pain, that we ironically miss the true risks to our kids’ long-term happiness. Take Halloween. Many historians believe Halloween originated not with…

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Presidential Baby Names

Is there any task more difficult than choosing a babys name? Itll stick with them for a lifetime, so theres a lot riding on the parents decision. Youll want your child to aim high in life, so why not start with the name? These baby names are unique enough to set your child away from the pack of Johns and Jameses, yet theyre dignified in that they have graced the birth certificates of past presidents. Check out our 5 favorite presidentially-inspired baby names: Madison

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Terms of Use

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