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The Average Cost of Braces for Kids

When your baby gets her first tooth, it’s a milestone worthy of a celebration. But when she gets older and your dentist recommends braces, perhaps because of an overbite, crooked or crowded teeth, you might need to brace yourself literally for some sticker shock. Braces are expensive, and even if you have dental insurance, it may not cover much of the cost.

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Childhood Lessons in Finance

BIG Disclaimer: I am not by any means a financial professional! Besides a few random accounting classes I took while pursing my economics degree, which I remember about 0%, OK maaaaybe 1% credit and debit, I don have ANY background in finance. What I am about to share is based solely on my own personal experience of what has worked and has not worked for me in terms of managing our familys finances.

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Does My Child Need Braces?

Whether or not your child needs braces can only be determined by a trained orthodontist. Still, there are some signs that indicate a need for braces. In fact, the odds may in favor of your child needing braces. About 4 million children in Canada and the United States have braces, according to Better Homes and Gardens article published in 2004.