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Are Your Children Getting Enough Exercise?

What happened to the days of running around in the front yard or taking bike rides around the neighborhood? Theyve been long replaced with video game sessions and smart phones. Were certainly not bashing technology, because lets face it, we live in a world full of helpful (and tempting) games and gadgets. However, the key is and always will be moderation. Theres nothing wrong with playing a video game here and there, but it becomes a problem when kids arent getting the right amount of physical activity and exercise because of it.

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Coloring Games for Kids

Coloring is an activity you associate with childhood. While freely applying colors to a piece of paper, a child learns the differences in shades of colors and develops more precise motor skills. Help kids learn some coloring skills and other development with coloring games. Get involved with the kids and reminisce about your own childhood.

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New Mom? Top Things You Need to Know

Being a new mom can be totally overwhelming so we asked leading Pediatrician and expert in organic living expert Dr.Greene what the top things are a new mom needs to know — from food to vaccines. Here’s what he had to say: