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Baby Eye Colors

The eye color with which your baby is born is not necessarily the eye color your baby will have for long. A newborn’s eye color is likely to change. Give it about 6 to 9 months; the eye color should stick by then, in some cases, eye color can take as long as three years to set. Caucasian babies usually have dark gray-blue eyes at birth; African-American, Asian and Hispanic babies usually have dark gray-brown or hazel eyes that continue to darken.

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An Open Letter To Older Women Who Resent Younger Wives

Editor’s note: The following post was submitted in response to An Open Letter To Men Who “Trade In” For Younger Wives. It was originally published on The Tomboy Mommy.I know this letter was open to men, older men, but it asked a few questions of me that I chanced were not rhetorical and perhaps you wanted answered.As a woman married to a man who is 28 years older, I found An Open …