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What Happens When Life is PG-13?

Ive generally been pretty good about monitoring the appropriateness of what my children watch. I always check with Common Sense Media before I take them to see a PG-13 movie, and when my daughter wants to watch shows like Glee or Modern Family, I screen them first to make sure theres nothing she cant handle.

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Teaching Kids True Grit

Last week, after school got out but before my three kids scattered to camp and basketball tournaments, we kicked off summer at our new lake cabin in New England. Although none of us had ever driven a boat solo, we purchased an old 1986 13-foot Boston Whaler for the lake. The marine salesman gave us a 20-minute lesson. Then he pushed the boat away from the dock

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It’s Summer: Help Your Teen Do Something Dangerous

(excerpt from If Your Teen Could Talk, by Dr. David Hooton) Brain Frame #4: Encourage Risky Behaviors Or rather, help your teen become a safe risk taker. Were talking about helping teens engage in risky behaviors that have predictable, non-permanent consequences. You have to allow them the opportunity to excite their amygdala, the driver for their emotional brain. You want to look for opportunities that will fulfill a teens need for real excitement but that dont end in death, permanent disability, or your premature grandparenthood.