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Letting Go: Redefining The Mother-Daughter Relationship

It is the eve of the night before my first baby girl Neriah becomes an adult. How did this day come so soon? This natural rite of passage I imagined gently greeting me hit me like a bold question mark at the end of a sentence. Despite the lack of emotional preparation, the day unfolds,…

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Help Your Child Develop Good Writing Skills

So, you want your child to become a better writer. Good plan! The ability to write clearly and with ease is one that will help your child from first grade through the rest of his or her life. Sure, school will teach your child the fundamentals of writing (grammar, syntax, and such), but that wont necessarily make it easy or fun. Take-home essays and homework assignments can only help so much; the only way to become a better writer is to practice it over and over. Even as a college English major, I fully admit that writing is hard!

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Birthday Party Planning Checklist

Birthday parties can be fun-filled events, especially if nothing has been forgotten. Imagine the disappointment for the party planners if somehow refreshments didn’t make it onto the list of needed supplies. These kinds of omissions can be avoided if the birthday party is well planned. Planning ahead doesn’t have to be a headache, either. While some decisions need to be made, such as deciding on a theme, having a party-planning checklist takes the pressure off and allows party planners to enjoy preparing for the festivities.

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Saggy Skin After Pregnancy

Though you may love your little bundle of joy, you’re certainly not too happy about the little bundle she left around your middle. The skin must stretch during pregnancy to accommodate a growing baby, but your skin isn’t always quick to rebound. Getting rid of the saggy skin of your post-baby belly can prove to be difficult.