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Meet the Single Mom Taking the Beauty Industry by Storm

For decades, the beauty industry has helped shape the narrative around femininity and played a major role in the evolution of consumerism and gender norms as they exist today—the good, the bad, and the ugly. But, one mom is painting a new narrative around beauty, and the beholder, using the brushstrokes of self-love, radical inclusivity,…

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Spooky Witch Finger Cookies

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I go all out. We decorate our entire house then have everyone over for a Halloween party full of yummy food, spooky treats, and a night of Trick or Treating! This is one of those spooky desserts that I have always seen, but never actually made ….. until this Halloween. Note:I served my cookies on a napkin lined platter. I used red food coloring to make the “blood spots” and I put a kitchen knife on the tray with more red food coloring. If you are serving to children obviously skip the knife!