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How to Break Frustrating Relationship Patterns

Once upon a time there was an adorable little Goblin who wanted nothing more than to fall in love. Like a princess in a fairy tale, she longed for another Goblin to complete and save her. Shed had many relationships, all which seemed to follow the same dramatic story line. Shed meet eyes with another Goblin, theyd have that instant spark, and then theyd jump into a hot and heavy relationship.

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How to Change a Baby’s Sleep Pattern

Often, babies can get turned around in their sleep patterns–sleeping all day rather than all night and staying up when they should be sleeping. This is not only an inconvenience for moms and dads, it can be downright exhausting. This is especially true for parents who must be up during the day for work or other activities. Find important step-by-step information for how to change a baby’s sleep pattern.

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Meet the MILs: Which of These Mother-in-Law Types is Yours?

Let's face it, when you said "I do," you probably didn't realize you were also signing up for a lifelong subscription to MIL Magazine, complete with monthly issues filled with unsolicited advice, invasive questions, and the occasional guilt trip, courtesy of your brand new mother-in-law. For many, entering this uncharted territory can feel more like…