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When to Wear Pregnancy Clothes

Some pregnant women look forward to wearing pregnancy (or maternity) clothes, while others dread it. Many moms make the leap the instant their jeans feel tight. Some make do with roomy sweatpants and baggy shirts until they can’t pretend any longer. When you decide to make the switch from your regular wardrobe to your pregnancy clothes is a matter of both personal preference and genuine need.

4 mins read

Things your twin babies DON’T need

As promised, here’s my short list of non-essential items for raising twins. Now, don’t get me wrong, I want my kids to be happy and healthy just like any other sane, well-meaning mother, but some things just aren’t needed. Some of the items in my list are based on personal preference and some (actually most) are just… well, ridiculous!

2 mins read

Things Women Do for Beauty

Some women go to great lengths to look a certain way, while others just toss on some lip gloss and call it a day. Beauty routines are highly personalized and can vary depending on income, geographic location, employment and personal preference. Your routine may contain all or none of these practices.

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Hot Stones for the Feet

When you consider the complexity of the human foot, which contains more than 100 tendons and has 33 joints and 26 bones, it’s no wonder that feet suffer from daily wear and tear. Problems with your feet may contribute to other health problems, too. Using hot stones for your feet is one way to help maintain foot health, and it can help you relax, too. You can follow several techniques for hot rock massage, depending on personal preference.

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Paint Colors for a Baby Nursery

Don’t let the joy of decorating your baby’s room be tempered by the overwhelming number of choices you face. When you start by choosing the perfect color scheme, the rest will be easier and more fun. Selecting just the right colors depends on personal preferences, but the Creative Baby Nursery Rooms website suggests that if you go with more than one color, keep them in the same family; that is, all bright colors, all pastels or all muted.