4 mins read

The Art of Not Parenting

There are lots of difficult things you have to figure out when youre a parent. For example, how do you clean puke out of a shag carpet? What do you do with a pee-soaked mattress? Also, is it possible to get marbles out of a toilet? But oh, if only all of the problems of parenthood could be easily solved with a quick search of ehow, or a frantic call to Roto Rooter.

6 mins read

Help! My Sleepless Toddler Is Breaking Me!

There was never a child so lovely but his mother was glad to get him to sleep. – Ralph Waldo EmersonI thought I had it down. Both my babies had been such perfect textbook sleepers, Harvey Karp would have been proud. Swaddle and soothe worked like a charm, as if Sleeping Beauty herself watched over their dreams.But now its payback. My children have become insomniac toddlers. Relentless. Or as my pediatrician calls it …