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Tips For Road Trips With Kids

Summer is upon us and vacations are being planned as we speak! The meaning of a summer vacation is quite different now that I have kids. When I was younger, I would envision my summer vacations to look something like an MTV music video. Now the resemblance is more like a National Lampoon's Vacation movie.…

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Games for Kids on Road Trips

It’s a cliche to hear about children in the back seat of a car saying, “Are we there yet; are we there yet?” Yet, most parents who take road trips with their children know that it can be true. Children tend to have more energy than adults do, and long road trips can be hard for them to take. Parents can make road trips more fun for their children by planning, armed with road trip games.

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Weekly Diet Planning

Planning a week’s worth of healthy, diet-conscious meals for you and your family is important to ensure that your meals are nutritious and within your calorie goals. Though it can be tough to find time to plan menus, shop for ingredients and actually make the food each day, the added nutrients you get from eating fresh food prepared at home are significant. And if you can manage to stick to a meal plan, the process becomes easier and easier in time. Keep simple tips and advice in mind to help pull off a weekly diet plan.