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How to Treat a Bipolar Child

It can be quite challenging to deal with the mood swings and unpredictable behavior characteristic of bipolar disorder. If your child suffers from this chemical imbalance–related disorder, you will likely have to become well-versed in behavior modification and exercise creativity when dealing with the challenges presented by this disorder. With consistency and dedication to the task, you can make the task of dealing with your child’s bipolar disorder a bit more manageable and help your child develop the coping skills necessary to navigate life with this mental illness.

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Pregnancy Safety Tips for Summer Travel

As summer sets in, you may likely find yourself eager to escape to confines of your daily life and hit the road on a vacation. You do not have to put your summer time travel plans on hold just because you are pregnant. Pregnant women can and do safely travel, but they must engage in more pre-planning to accommodate for their precarious condition. Before you hit the road, sea or even air this summer, consider your special needs as a mommy-to-be.

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The Best Diets on the Net

Diets online offer you support, structure and meal plans, if you’re too busy to make it to in-person meetings. Diets on the net include all sorts of eating plans, including calorie-controlled plans, meal deliveries and lower carbohydrate diets. Look for an online diet that works with your lifestyle, eating habits and preferences. You should also choose a site with an easy-to-use website and diet-tracking features.

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Pregnancy First Trimester Diet

Pregnant women may joke about eating for two, but the reality is a little more complex. Pregnant women and their babies have special diet and nutrition needs from the beginning. The first trimester, or first three months, provides time for a woman to build strength to meet the added demands on her body. The rapid growth and development of the fetus during these early stages make good nutrition just as important for the baby.

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Why Homeschool?

LIKE most parents, I had always looked forward to the day when my children would finally enter school. During those early years of infancy and toddlerhood, when mothering feels like such a full-time job, I would assure myself that I would have a glimpse of my old life back …