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Post-Pregnancy Plastic Surgery

It is no secret that mothers have to sacrifice a great deal during and after pregnancy. A new baby brings with it, in addition to unspeakable joy, many changes for the family, and particularly for the mother. However, not a lot of attention is always given to the fact that some of these changes are physical. The fact is, a mothers body generally changes a great deal over the course of, and following a pregnancy. This can often lead mothers to feel differently about themselves once they have had children, and perhaps to lose some confidence in their bodies.

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Plastic Surgery Procedures for Women

Before you sashay over to your plastic surgeon’s office and order your procedures off the menu as if you were ordering from your favorite restaurant, make sure you are approaching plastic surgery in a healthy way. While you should not have to pretend that beauty isn’t important, you should also realize that beauty isn’t more important than everything else. It’s one thing to fix an imperfection that has always bothered you; it’s quite another to make plastic surgery your new hobby or to expect it to change your life. If you have a strong self-image and just want to make an improvement or correct a defect or flaw, you have plenty of options.

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Does Your Kid Want Plastic Surgery?

The facts are in: According to the New York Times, plastic surgery is rising steadily in teens (and even tweens) and with girls like Heidi Montag Pratt as potential “role-models” for girls, we should be very very scared. The 23-year-old reality star recently underwent no less than TEN plastic surgeries in one day — everything from getting F-sized boobs to face injections and a chin implant. It’s scarily not uncommon, for parents to buy their kids boob-jobs for graduation, but isn’t this going just a little bit too far?