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Autism and On-Line Etiquette

Autism and On-Line Etiquette My son is an on-line gamer. Recently, he’s been playing this Risk-like game that takes place in Europe and can be a multi-player game. He likes doing the multi-player because he can occasionally get a player or two from Europe. The game can have up to thirty players at a time.…

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Turkey With A Side of #SportBits

Hello ModernMoms. Happy Black Friday! I hope your Thanksgiving Day festivities were stress-free and fun, filled with yummy food, family and friends. May I suggest avoiding the crowds and doing your sale shopping on-line? Grab your laptop and plop on the couch. Heat up the leftovers and turn on the TV in the background. So…

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Preschool Matching Games

Although commercial matching games for preschoolers are readily available from toy stores, you can make many kinds of matching games yourself. Most matching games for preschoolers follow the same pattern; you simply place the cards face down in a grid and let children take turns looking for matches by turning over two cards at a time. They keep matching cards they find and lose their turn when they fail to make a match.

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Fun Educational Kid Games

Lots of educational games for today’s kids are synonymous for fun. While kids are entertained and engaged in a variety of educational games, they are also learning, practicing or polishing various skills, in such areas as science, math, reading and logic. These fun educational games are available as boxed and packaged games, computer games or on-line games.