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Is Bloating a Side Effect of Colon Cleansing?

If colon cleansing is part of your efforts to detox your body, there are certain side effects of which you should beware. Advertisements for colon cleansing supplements and kits dominate infomercials and Internet sites urging you to purge your body of dangerous “toxins.” But these product can contain certain ingredients — one of which is known to cause bloating, cramps and other symptoms of gastrointestinal distress.

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What to Do When a Child Is Having a Seizure

Witnessing a child’s seizure is often a terrifying experience. A knowledge of how to handle a seizure situation helps you remain in control to help the child as much as possible. Your main responsibility is to keep the child safe and know when to get medical help since you cannot stop a seizure. The symptoms of a seizure might include convulsions, jerky movements, stiffening of extremities, twitching or loss of consciousness.

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Stop the Huffing!

I get a text in the middle of the school day from my 15 year old daughters friend, which immediately gets my attention and raises some level of concern: She simply states a boy in her class is sniffing white out. Yes reader, you read correctly, sniffing white out — and in class to boot. This alarmed her enough to reach out to me. She texted me that she was angry at the boy for doing it.

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What Are the Causes of Hair Loss in Young Men?

Some things are just a fact of life and a sign that we are getting older. In addition to bags under the eyes, worry lines and uncomfortable aches and pains, people often consider hair loss as a sign of aging. Unfortunately, many young men may also experience thinning hair long before they ever expected to. If your man seems to be losing his hair at an early age, you may wonder what could be causing this condition. The first step in treating early hair loss involves getting to the root of the matter by determining the cause.