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How to Clean Rings

While soap, body lotion and hairspray go a long way in making you feel sparkly, they don’t do much for your rings. Residue from products you use on your hair and skin can build up on your rings, giving them a lackluster appearance. Dust, dirt and grime can also get into the crevices of your rings, dirtying them and making them appear dull and unsightly. With a few minutes and some common household products you can give your rings their shine back.

2 mins read

How to Clean a Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

With time, your once shiny stainless steel sink can become dull, stained and scratched. Restore and preserve the beauty of your stainless steel kitchen sink with regular cleanings and periodic polishings. Remove food, grime, water spots, rust spots and minor scratches in just a few minutes using common household products that work so well you hardly need to use any elbow grease.

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How to Polish a Marble Floor

Marble surfaces remain a favorite for homeowners. However, marble is challenging to clean and polish. Maintain marble surfaces with care, remembering that strong friction and acidic substances can damage marble surfaces permanently. Marble’s porous surface means than harmful substances can seep through the finish and inside the material.

5 mins read

How to Be A Foxy Mom

Moms ask me all the time, How do I get the heat back in my life? How do I start feeling good again? Its not so easy to feel foxy when you think you look as sexy as a zombie with under-eye bags and your jeans have a broccoli-puree …