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Quick, Hide The Knives

Two articles in the New York Times and the Atlantic Monthly describe new research that unearths the phenomena of womens so-called indirect aggression.Unfortunately, the findings are described in distinctly negative terms. The Evolution of Bitchiness, is the Atlantics title.A Cold War Fought by Women is the slightly less derogatory title chosen by the Times.These august publications are two of the oldest, WASPiest, Harvard-est publications in the nation, devoured by our …

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Growing Your Own Food

“Growing your own food isn’t just a hobby; it is part of a healthy lifestyle. Children learn where food comes from. They can appreciate nature and the effect that we can have on our environmental horizon. Simple tasks, such as raking leaves, pulling weeds, growing seedlings or peeling a carrot they grew themselves, put them in touch with the world outside the plastic packet in the fridge. … So grow your own food: It is …

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Trapped Inside the “Mom Bubble”

I love being a writer, but one of the hardest things about my job is that I do it alone, in my house, all day long. If it were not for my children and their after-school activities, I am quite sure that weeks would go by in which I wouldnt actually speak to another living soul.