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Non-Alcoholic St. Patrick’s Day Drinks

From green beer to Irish Car Bombs, St. Patrick’s Day is one holiday where the drinks are always flowing. But what if you want to include your kids in the festivities? What if you’re pregnant? Or what if you just don’t drink? For those who would prefer to skip the cocktails, we’ve got you covered. These four non-alcoholic drink recipes are so delicious, they’re sure to put you in the mood to celebrate! St. Patrick’s Day Punch

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How to Make New Year’s Eve Kid-Friendly

If New Year’s Eve means staying at home with the kids this year, making it a kid-friendly festivity is easier than you might think. Parents can still have lots of fun, ringing in the new year with their little ones. New Year’s Eve isn’t exclusively for grownups anymore, and you really don’t have to go out somewhere to make it a great celebration. With family friendly New Year’s Eve parties becoming more popular, the ideas for planning a fun event are endless:

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Choosing a Name for your Baby is No Easy Task

What is in a name? The names we give to our children usually have meaning to us and are chosen with a great deal of thought. Each time I was pregnant I would have a list of girls and boys names that I liked. As the day grew closer, we would sit down and discuss them. My husband would always check to be sure the name did not rhyme with a bad word and I would find myself thinking if I knew anyone by that name that I didnt like.

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Reasons for Teenage Alcoholism

It’s normal for a teenager to experiment with alcohol or drugs, but some teens will develop a serious addiction. The legality of alcohol — despite its age restrictions — makes it seem like a safe drug to experiment with. This makes it the most common drug that American teens use, according to MedicineNet.com.