3 mins read

9 Tips For A Better Back-To-School Experience

I love to tell childhood stories about my now independent, hard-working, world traveling 23-year-old. Hard to believe she’s the same child that screamed the entire walk to school every morning and sat on my lap for two hours at birthday parties. My Brooklyn neighbors would stand on their front porches waving, smiling, and silently encouraging me to carry on. My kid was a clinger and did not want to go to school. She held my leg so tightly and screamed so loudly I wanted to cry. And this was only kindergarten evaluation day.

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Where Have All The Dreidels Gone?

In honor of Chanukah, Im re-posting this adorable tale from last year with some updates. I know it borders on lazy, but Ive got latkes to make and gelt to buy. And its not like anything has changed. Its as timely now as it was 12 months ago. Sad. But true. LChaim.

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The Holiday Rush: Why Am I Already Hearing Christmas Music?

I woke up the morning after Halloween with a tiny bit of a sugar hangover. It’s the same thing year after year.After collecting enough candy to fill a football stadium and eating enough candy to keep every dentist in this city in business for years to come, the children fall into deep sleep filled with dreams of Skittles, Twizzlers and chocolate bars.

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Make Quality Time Routine

Do you ever feel the days quickly turn to nights, the weeks pass and the treadmill of life doesnt pause long enough for you to enjoy simple moments? Having a family, it very often feels as though we are moving from one chore to the next, leaving us at the end of the day in a zombie like state.